St Paul’s Catacombs – Eulogia Room & Conversation Area

St.Paul’s Catacombs are a typical complex of interconnected, underground Roman cemeteries that were in use up to the 4th century AD. They are located on the outskirts of the old Roman capital Melite (today’s Mdina), since Roman law prohibited burials within the city. St Paul’s Catacombs represent the earliest and largest archaeological evidence of Christianity in Malta. The site was cleared and investigated in 1894 by Dr A.A. Caruana, the pioneer of Christian era archaeology in Malta.

Eulogia Room & Conversation Area
Have you ever thought of holding a day of lessons in a historical setting? What about a children’s party in the heart of Maltese history? The Children’s Pavillion at St. Paul’s Catacombs presents the ideal location for such events.

Wheelchair Accessible

Facilities – Air Conditioned / Interactive Whiteboard / WIFI / Chairs / Tables / Toilets

Restrictions – Sound till 11pm

Parking Space – Street Parking

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