Fort St Elmo – Conference Hall

Fort St. Elmo occupies a strategic position at the tip of the Sceberras peninsula. During the Medieval period, this key position was already recognised and exploited. Reference to a permanent watch-post at Santo Eramo can in fact be found in the Militia Roster of 1417. Following a harsh Ottoman razzia in 1551, and various reports indicating a looming Ottaman siege, Grand Master De Homedes issued an order for the immediate erection of a fort. A star-shaped fort was constructed in circa 6 months, by military engineer Pietro Pardo, under the supervision of Knight Fra Leone Strozzi. By 1565 the fort had acquired a cavalier, a covertway, a terraille, and a ravelin which was hastily built only a few months before the Great Siege of 1565. Fort St. Elmo also played an important role during World War II.

Conference Hall
The historic fort hosts a fully-equipped conference hall, ideal for conferences, seminars, lectures as well as other events. Featuring brightly lit windows and maroon diamond floor tiles, the conference hall may be set up in a number of different ways according to your individual requirements.

Wheelchair Accessible

Facilities – Electricity / Projector / Screen / PA System / Tables / Chairs / Storage area for caterers and kitchenette / Toilets / WIFI

Parking Space – Street Parking or inside facility at an extra cost

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