Fort St Elmo – Cavalier Piazza

Fort St. Elmo occupies a strategic position at the tip of the Sceberras peninsula. During the Medieval period, this key position was already recognised and exploited. Reference to a permanent watch-post at Santo Eramo can in fact be found in the Militia Roster of 1417. Following a harsh Ottoman razzia in 1551, and various reports indicating a looming Ottaman siege, Grand Master De Homedes issued an order for the immediate erection of a fort. A star-shaped fort was constructed in circa 6 months, by military engineer Pietro Pardo, under the supervision of Knight Fra Leone Strozzi. By 1565 the fort had acquired a cavalier, a covertway, a terraille, and a ravelin which was hastily built only a few months before the Great Siege of 1565. Fort St. Elmo also played an important role during World War II.

Cavalier Piazza
The high walls of the cavalier loom over this spacious square, ideal for both standing and seated events for a medium to a large number of guests. Enjoy your evening in a space reminiscent of some of Malta’s most significant historical episodes.

Wheelchair Accessible

Facilities – Electricity / WIFI / Storage area for caterers / Kitchenette / Toilets

Restrictions – Sound to be lowered after 11pm / No Kitchen / No Confetti

Parking Space – Street Parking or internal facility at an extra cost

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Standing550 to 650 Seated300