Ta’ Bistra – Catacombs’ Tunnel

Located approximately half way between the ancient town of Melite and the important harbour of Salina, the complex of catacombs known as Ta’ Bistra is considered amongst the most important set of paleochristian burial complexes outside the area of Rabat. The site was archaeologically investigated for the first time by Capt. C. Zammit in 1933 as part of the documentation process of four sets of burials that were meant to be destroyed by a new road leading to Burmarrad.
If you are looking for a truly original location for your event which will definitely surprise your guests, very few venues are as original as the corridor within this catacomb complex. Long enough to accommodate quite a few guests, the corridor itself has catacombs on one side and a glass wall overlooking the fields of the area on the other.

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